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The best-selling guide to winning customers’ hearts.

A proven way to find your most profitable customers and develop relationships that last.

Under pressure for quick results and facing fierce marketplace competition, too many marketers are boxed into spaghetti-to-the-wall forms of digital marketing that limit the potential of their long hours, countless experiments, and warehouses of data.

And in the end, they watch their competition sprint ahead.

But what if you built a business around long-term relationships with customers, using data to understand who they are, what they need, and where to find more customers just like them? You can. And you’ll leave your competitors, with all of their data and their short-term thinking, to poke around in the scraps.

From Neil Hoyne – Google’s Chief Measurement Strategist and Senior Fellow at the Wharton School – a simple, research-backed playbook that anyone can use to find their best customers and develop relationships that will stand the test of time.

I’ve been waiting twenty years for this book! Converted explores how to use data the right way to win customers’ hearts. This book is simply a must read.

Martin LindstromNew York Times Bestselling Author of Buyology & Small Data

Not just another vague invocation of ‘digital transformation’—Converted explains how to make better marketing business decisions. Essential reading for anyone seeking returns from their growing investments in their data.

Frank CespedesSenior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, Author of Sales Management That Works

The most useful field guide ever written on how to drive desirable customer behavior online.

Jay BaerNew York Times Bestselling Author of Youtility

A wonderful guidebook on building profitable customer relationships. Whether you’re just getting started or consider yourself an experienced practitioner, this book is invaluable.

Peter FaderFrances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Now more than ever, putting the customer first and at the center of everything is a must. Neil offers real-world examples and tangible ways to better understand your customers, create a culture around them, and empower employees to make great decisions.

Aimee JohnsonChief Marketing Officer, Zillow

A must read for anyone who wants an impressive combination of practical advice and vision.

Michael ClarkeDirector of Product Management, Shopify

Groundbreaking ways to unleash your customers' full potential

A guide organized around themes customer conversations and relationships, as well as self-improvement. Practical advice designed to ensure you don’t find yourself lost in swamps of technical details

Powerful lessons built from intuitive stories

  • Calculate the future value of customers
  • Engage in profitable conversations
  • Ask questions to anticipate their needs
  • Find more great customers

Built by one of Silicon Valley's measurement experts

As Google’s Chief Measurement Strategist, Neil has led engagements with the world’s largest brands. With an MBA from UCLA, he returned to academia as a Senior Fellow in Customer Analytics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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A thoughtful companion to help your journey

A curated and expanding collection of content to support the lessons in the book, community of practitioners to engage with on your journey and a developing set of tools to do much of the heavy-lifting for you.